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Frequently Asked Questions


About Us

+  Do you have a retail store located in my state?

+  Do you have gemologists on staff?


Insurance and Long-Term Care

+  Do you clean or provide care for jewelry sold on your site?

+  What is covered by your 1 year warranty?

+  Do you provide insurance appraisals?

+  Do you insure jewelry?

Orders and Ring Sizes

+  I saw a ring on your site, and I love it! Can I try it on?

+  Can I order through your website?

+  Can I custom design an engagement ring?

+  What if I need help placing an order?

+  What if I have a question about my order, want to change it, or need to cancel it?

+  I'd like to place an international order. Do I pay customs fees to Troy Vinson Jewelers or to Fedex?

+  How do I find my ring size?

+  What if I need to resize my ring?

+  What happens when my ring is resized?

+  What if my ring cannot be resized?

+  Can you engrave my ring?

+  If I purchase an engagement ring and a loose diamond, do I have to pay extra to have the diamond set into the ring?

+  I have my own diamond but I'd like to purchase one of your settings. Can you set my diamond into a Troy Vinson Jewelers ring?

+  Are "Design your Own" rings considered special orders and do they also come with a money back guarantee?

Our Diamonds and Jewelry

+  What are GIA, AGS and IGI diamond certificates?

+  What are the "Four C's"?

+  What is "Cut"?

+  What does the term "eye clean" mean?

+  How can I make sure the diamonds I receive are actually the diamonds I ordered?

+  I found a diamond in your website that I like. Is it available?

+  What is the quality of the diamonds used in your jewelry?

+  Are any of your diamonds laser treated, clarity enhanced, color enhanced, or modified in any way?

+  Are any of the gemstones used in your jewelry heat treated?

+  Do the 18k white gold rings turn yellow over time?

+  What are conflict-free diamonds?

+  How often do you add diamonds to your inventory?

Lab-Created Diamonds:

+  Is a lab-created diamond better?

+  Where do lab-created diamonds come from?

+  Are they the same as earth-created diamonds? If not, how are they different?

+  Are lab-created diamonds or earth-created diamonds higher quality?

+  How is a lab-created diamond made?

+  Will I still receive an appraisal and/or a laboratory certificate?

+  Okay, so the untrained eye can not tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and earth-created diamonds. What about the trained eye?

+  Will the return policy be the same?

+  Can I get insurance on a lab-created diamond?


+  What types of payment do you accept?

+  Will I receive a discount if I pay by bank wire?

+  Will I be charged sales tax on my order?

+  Can I pay with two different credit cards?

+  What is the credit card security code?

+  Do you offer Financing?

Privacy and Security

+  Is shopping with James Allen secure?

+  Will my personal information be shared with third parties?

Return Policy

+  What is your return policy?

+  Do you have an upgrade policy?



+  Where do you ship diamonds?

+  What is the cost of shipping?

+  I'd like to place an international order. Do I pay customs fees to James Allen or to Fedex?

+  Can I ship to an address that is different from my billing address?

+  Do you ship to military APO's?

+  How long after I order will my item be shipped?

+  Are you a "drop-shipper"?

+  What if I need an item sooner than the date listed on the website?

+  Are your shipments secure?

+  What if my jewelry gets lost during shipment?

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